Bat Removal

Commercial Bat Control in Cape CodDo you have bats in your business garage, walls, or attic? Perhaps you have bats or bat problems in other places at your business?

At Critter Control of Cape Cod, we are your commercial bat control and bat removal experts. Our trained technicians know how to exclude bats from your business. If bats are already established, our bat removal experts will safely and securely remove these pests from your property.


Bats carry disease and can leave quite a bite if handled without proper equipment. Bats are also protected by various state and federal laws. Because of this, bat removal should be handled by bat experts. We'll be sure to remove all bats and prevent them from returning. Bats can fit through the smallest of holes, so a good bat control and prevention program usually involves finding and sealing all points of entry.

Bat colonies often create large amounts of waste from guano and urine, and our bat experts can clean up the mess.

Contact us today to discuss bat removal, bat exclusion, bat damage repair or any other bat-related problem.