Critter Control of Cape Cod's technicians are no strangers to bat removal in homes. Residential bat control from Critter Control is often sought after by Cape Cod residents who have unwanted bat intruders in their attic, chimney, or garage. Call our office today at 508.690.0076 or contact us online here.

Removing Bats from Cape Cod Homes

Bat Removal Services in Cape CodThe Critter Control of Cape Cod professional bat removal technicians are trained, and have several years of first-hand experience, in bat trapping and bat prevention services. Bats tend to make themselves comfortable in isolated areas of your home including your attic, chimney, and garage. Our bat removal professionals can handle and resolve any bat infestation you may have, and effectively prevent future infestations.

Bat Problems

Dealing with bats in your home is a serious risk to your health. We do not advise that you handle bats unless you are properly trained, as bats can easily inflict injury through bites or scratches.

Bats also accumulate large piles of feces, known as guano, which harbor dangerous spores that can lead to illnesses in humans. Because bats are protected by various state and federal laws, it is important that the removal of bats from your home be performed by a bat expert. 

Because bats are so tiny, they can fit through cracks as small as a dime in the exterior of your home. Once the bats are removed, it is vital that you seal off any possible entry points and replace any insulation that has been tainted with bat guano or urine. Contact our office today to discuss bat removal, bat prevention methods, damage repair, or any other bat-related problems or questions you may have.

Keep Bats Out

  • The wildlife control experts at Critter Control of Cape Cod are trained to rid your home of all bats that are occupying your attic, garage, chimney, etc. 
  • Because bats can create an unhygienic environment with guano and urine, you and your family may be at risk of disease. Our experts will remove all soiled insulation and clean any mess left by the bats.     

Cape Cod Bat-Proofing Services

After the bats have been removed from your home, our experts at Critter Control will seal all possible openings for bats to enter from. Our end goal is to make sure your home is protected from any further bat infestations.  Our bat-proofing methods have proven to be successful and long-lasting. Call today! 508.690.0076

Our service area includes Falmouth, Eastham, Bourne, Yarmouth, Harwich, Barnstable, and Sandwich.