Wildlife Prevention with Roof and Attic Vents

Soffit repair in Cape Cod

Vents in your soffit, attic, louvre, and fans are essential to keeping the air flowing properly in your home and keeping things working correctly. However, these vents are an easy spot for wildlife to enter your home.

You may have screens over these vents already, but if they’re damaged or missing, we can fix them. Many animals like mice can fit through a hole the size of a dime! This leaves ample opportunity for critters to sneak in through small tears or holes in your screens.

It’s also possible for wildlife to chew their way through your vent screens. If you don’t have the proper material covering your vents, the animals may work their way in with their sharp teeth. Luckily, the experts at Critter Control of Cape Cod know just where the animals like to enter, and we know what materials to keep them out.

Let us help prevent unwanted wildlife from invading our home by installing animal-proof screens in/over existing vents. We are experts at finding the vents that keep the air flow working in your home, while being durable and keeping birdsbats, racoons, or squirrels from entering your home and causing damage. 

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