controlling mouse populations in your home

Mice nesting in Cape Cod homeMice are notoriously hard to get rid of, and sometimes the task can be overwhelming and seem impossible. Mice will often cause a variety of dangerous damages in the home, including:

  • Nibbling at electrical wires, fabrics, and other structures or materials
  • Eating and contaminating food storage while leaving excrement and urine on shelves, counters, and other commonly used surfaces

You could be an unwitting victim of mouse problems. Due to their size, they are able to enter your home through the smallest of areas and holes, making it difficult to identify and trap for an untrained homeowner. We can help you remove mice permanently and prevent any future possibility of infestation. Critter Control's professionals are trained to inspect every possible point of entry from the roofing, down to the foundation. Mice can be hard to find and even harder to trap and remove, but our trained and experienced technicians are dedicated to getting rid of them and preventing future problems!

Most of our competition will only treat the issues you can see, which will resolve the problem temporarily. Critter Control of Cape Cod believes in resolving the problem once and for all.

Cape Cod Mice Removal Solutions

Critter Control of Cape Cod professionals begin their process by inspecting the home for possible entry points.  Critter Control's top priority is finding, trapping, and removing the mice from your home.  Our professionals will mouse-proof your home by installing and implementing prevention methods (sometimes multiple) to your home and sealing all possible entry ways for the mice.

Contact Critter Control of Cape Cod today if you need help with professional house mice proofing and removal services.