Squirrel Problems in Cape Cod

Removing squirrels from Cape Cod homes.Critter Control is your best squirrel trapping & removal service provider in the Cape Cod region. We have been serving the Cape Cod community for many years.

In Cape Cod and its nearby regions, the squirrel species seen are most commonly red and gray squirrels. Squirrel problems are common wherever there are squirrels, and they can be quite destructive to your property.

  • In suburban areas, squirrels leave garden destruction in their wake. Squirrels are known to damage vegetable gardens and other plantations in your yard.
  • During the cooler months of fall and winter, these small critters have a tendency to seek warm shelter from your home. Once they're inside, squirrels are likely to cause insulation damage, wood rot, unpleasant odors.
  • Squirrels have a tendency to chew on things. They will chew on almost anything in your house: books, boxes, furniture, electrical wires and etc. 

Effective Squirrel Removal & Prevention      

Squirrel in Cape Cod.It can be hard to get rid of squirrels permanently, especially if you're trying to do it yourself. If you don't remove these pests correctly, it poses a great risk to you and your property. Fortunately for you, this is Critter Control of Cape Cod's specialty.

With Critter Control, our service professionals will conduct a thorough inspection of your home. Our Animal Entry Inspections will include any and all potential entry points. As soon as we determine where these nuisance critters are entering your home, we will immediately begin the removal and take steps toward prevention.

Because we are a full-service provider, we will start by determining which damages were actually caused by the squirrel and create a prevention/repair plan once we've removed the critter. We will make sure to keep these squirrels out permanently.