It can be hard to enjoy your yard when squirrels decide to take it over as their new home. Squirrels can be a big nuisance and cause a lot of damage in your yard quickly. Squirrels will build nests in yards as a place for shelter for their young and will keep coming back year after year. That’s why it’s important that you get rid of them from your yard and property. 

Critter Control of Cape Cod is one of the leading wildlife control companies for getting rid of squirrels in Cape Cod. We utilize humane and effective strategies to get rid of squirrel problems and keep them from coming back. Call Critter Control of Cape Cod and get the squirrels out of your Cape Cod yard today! 


How Can You Get Rid of Squirrels Humanely? 

It is important to remove squirrels safely and humanely from your yard because they are a huge value to our environment. Squirrels are huge contributors to keeping forests dense, helping with reforestation, and aerating the soil as they dig and bury seeds. 

Here are a few strategies to get rid of squirrels for good in a humanely manner. 

Limit Food Sources

Squirrels consume lots of nuts, berries, and seeds. To keep them away, remove nut-bearing trees and berry-producing shrubs from your yard. If you enjoy having bird feeders, make sure your bird feeders are fully squirrel-proof. 

Use Taste or Scent Repellants 

There are a variety of different chemical and natural squirrel repellants that can be used to deter squirrels from your Cape Cod yard. Many natural repellents contain items you probably have in your kitchen. 

Here are a few examples: 

  • Hot Sauce: Squirrels tend to dislike the smell and taste of the ingredients in hot sauce. Dousing garden plants can stop a squirrel from eating their nuts or fruit. 
  • Sprinkle Cayenne Pepper: Cayenne Pepper is one of the ingredients also found in hot sauce that squirrels hate. You can use the same technique as the hot sauce and sprinkle Cayenne Pepper on your plants or probable food sources to keep squirrels away. 

Set Up Faux Predators 

Squirrels are very intelligent critters so setting up dummy snakes, foxes, or other predators will only work if they use motion or sound on top of their authentic appearance. 


This is the most effective method to get rid of squirrels from your yard. It is best to let professionals use this method to ensure the process is humane and safe. 

Critter Control of Cape Cod experts are experienced and trained with getting rid of squirrels. We will set traps around your house, monitor all entry points, and release the trapped squirrels as they are caught. We check your traps daily, so you won’t have to notify us when squirrels are in your traps. It is important to us that getting rid of squirrels remains a humane process, so we will never leave squirrels in a trap for longer than necessary.