Yarmouth, Massachusetts 

Yarmouth, Massachusetts is a great place to stay that offers fun things to do, beautiful things to see, yummy places to eat, and shopping opportunities galore! You will find something to entertain the family of all ages. Rather you enjoy museums, the great outdoors, or playing inside, Yarmouth has it all. The sunny days offer opportunities for one to walk or bike on the many trails around town, go kayaking, try parasailing, or hop on a charter cruise. For rainy days, one may enjoy some go-karting, bowling, indoor play centers, or summer baseball. Museums in town will provide great insight into a variety of history and traditions of creative minds, and more! There are many golf courses for one to enjoy and a farmers market that offers only the freshest produce. Take in the gorgeous and scenic iconic landmarks, explore the coastline, and take part in any of the special events year-round at Yarmouth, Massachusetts.


Yarmouth, MA has a rich history, and long before English settlement, the Wampanoag tribes occupied the area. Although, shortly after the town was considered to be settled by John Crow, Thomas Howes, and Anthony Thacher. These early settlers gave the town the name of Yarmouth after Yarmouth, England, however, it is believed none of those settlers even came from Yarmouth.

Common Yarmouth Wildlife Problems

The need for rat control and other wildlife control and wildlife removal services has escalated in the Yarmouth area. Wildlife control services we frequently perform include:

Rat control and mice control and removal are important services to keep health risks away from your family. Wildlife animals will create a great damage in a short amount of time. Critter Control of Cape Cod can remove the wildlife animal, repair damages done, and prevent future invasions. To completely get rid of your wildlife control problem, call Critter Control of Cape Cod. Your technician will be able to professionally handle your wildlife problem using safe and effective solutions.

Rats on Cape Cod

A common worry from Yarmouth residents is the rats on Cape Cod. Rats are known for digging through garbage, spreading germs, and even getting into the house. If you are worried about the rats in Cape Cod, Critter Control can help. We offer prevention services to keep the problem from happening, and removal and damage repair services if you are already struggling with rats. 

Bat Removal in Yarmouth

Bats love to live in Yarmouth attics and walls. They make their homes and have their babies, then soil the insulation and create a lot of damage. You may know you have these nocturnal creatures living in your home if you hear thumping or rustling in the walls or attic at night. Luckily, Critter Control offers bat removal in Yarmouth. Give our office a call if you suspect a bat problem. 

Flying Squirrels in Yarmouth

Another wildlife problem that Yarmouth residents encounter is an overabundance of flying squirrels. If you have flying squirrels taking over your yard, Critter Control can help! We have methods to discourage flying squirrels from living in your yard. If you have flying squirrels in your home, we can take care of that as well. Contact Critter Control today for flying squirrel problems

Skunk Removal

What's that smell?! If you have skunks in your Yarmouth yard, you need skunk control. Skunks like to live under sheds and decks, and when disrupted, they will spray. Protect yourself and your family with skunk removal from Critter Control. 

Yarmouth Wildlife Removal

If you hear animal noises in your home or smell something musky that could be a dead animal odor, call Critter Control of Cape Cod. Our team will remove any wildlife problem and ensure protection from wildlife for seasons to come!

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