Animal Damage Control

Wildlife Damage Control in Cape CodIf you are experiencing wild animal issues in your home, there is likely more damage than you realize and more than you have found. After you get rid of the headache-causing animal, Critter Control of Cape Cod will take a look at the damages caused and the droppings and other mess they will leave behind.

Frequently reported animal issues can include ripped or soiled insulation, accumulation of droppings, destruction of landscape, damage to electrical wiring and more. Wildlife damages can be a threat to your home and family, due to electrical fires, water damage, and illnesses carried by the animal.

Inspection and Prevention

Critter Control of Cape Cod's professionals are trained to inspect any damages that could potentially be due to wildlife animals. We are prepared to install the necessary prevention methods in order to keep your home from unwanted wildlife intruders. Some ways we can implement prevention methods include sealing off possible points of entry, installing vent covers and screens to your chimney or additional vents that surround your home.

If you have additional questions about wildlife control, give our Cape Cod office a call today! Our skilled professionals are here to help answer any and all of your inquiries about animal damage control and methods of prevention.