Critter Shield

Get Rid of Rats.

At Critter Control of Cape Cod, we are the experts in Cape Cod wildlife management and removal. Our team is proud to be moving towards a more sustainable method of wildlife and pest management—rat birth control.

Rodents like mice and rats can reproduce at rapid rates--for example, rats can have up to 50 babies per year. Baby rats can start reproducing within months. Multiply that by 10 rats in your Cape Cod home, and you have a rat infestation problem.  

These new generation rodent baits and pesticide treatments are not only friendly to wildlife but also safe for aquatic life. With traditional rodenticides, it is common to have unwanted secondary animal poisonings. This sometimes includes endangered species. The benefit of Critter Shield is that it's non-lethal, making it a safer option for not only the rodents consuming it, but the secondary animals involved. 

The Critter Shield program is a monthly plan that requires the replacement of liquid contraceptives in hard plastic stations. You can expect to see a decline in rodent evidence as early as one month from the application date.

Our goal is to properly manage species so both their habitat and population aren’t negatively impacted over time. Learn more about the benefits of this sustainable, eco-friendly rodent control method. 

Critter Shield Options

1. Additional station of Contraceptive

If you have a large space that the rodents occupy or you have a lot of rodents in your home, we recommend adding additional Critter Shield stations. Having additional stations will allow you to bring your rodent infestation under control more quickly, saving you money and headache in the longrun. 

2. Eco-Friendly Mosquito spray

If your time in your backyard is being shortened or prohibited by mosquitos, we can help. Our eco-friendly mosquito spray safely removes the stinging insects from your Cape Cod yard. 

3. Pest Spraying

No matter what pests are bugging you and your family, the team at Critter Control of Cape Cod can take care of them. We offer pest spraying for a variety of insects. 

4. Additional Station refill

If you have a large space you're combating with pest-control measures, we can all an additional station refill to help solve your problem faster. 

5. Rodenticide Treatment per single treatment

To learn more about our two systems, please click the photos below.

Protecta Evo Express®

Elevate Bait System™

Critter Shield Benefits:

Many people are concerned with the safety of wildlife when it comes to wildlife management and removal methods. If this is you, you just want the wildlife back in nature where the critter belongs—not in your house, with no harm done to the creature.

  1. Eco-Friendly: The liquid contraceptive is environmentally friendly when it comes to the possibility of other species getting secondhand exposure.
    • What exactly is secondary exposure? Primary exposure occurs when a wildlife creature is actively consuming whatever substance is in question. Secondary exposure occurs when a wildlife animal consumes the animal who had primary exposure—i.e. a dog or cat eating a dead rodent. Oftentimes, this is dangerous and even lethal to the secondary exposure species, as the primary exposure is often to poison. Less-considered cons of secondary exposure can even include the potential for the original species’ population to boom due to the loss of predatory species.
  2. Non-Lethal & Humane: Critter Control of Cape Cod is committed to humane rat and mouse removal. The new liquid contraceptive causes no long-term harm to the rodents that consume the bait. This method of non-lethal wildlife removal is pivotal to Critter Control of Cape Cod’s sustainable wildlife removal. Our team is passionate about safe and long-term wildlife management, and we’re excited to exercise this through our Critter Shield program.
  3. Pet Safe: Even if your pet manages to get the contraceptive through the locked container, it will have no lasting effects once the animal has stopped drinking.
  4. Reversible: Once the animal or rodents stop consuming the liquid contraceptive, the birth control-like effects will wear off in roughly 3-6 months. This will allow any secondhand species to return to normal life—another major benefit to Critter Shield’s sustainability.

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