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It’s easy to become overwhelmed with a mouse problem. Their population can multiply rapidly if left unchecked. Property owners often have to use an array of techniques to prevent mice from entering their homes. There are some DIY methods homeowners can utilize, but a combination of DIY techniques and professional mouse removal techniques is what gives you the best chance to remove mice permanently from your home. 

What Causes Mice to Get Inside Homes and How Do They Do It? 

  • House mice, like other wildlife animals, like to nest in and around human-inhabited areas and manmade structures. It provides protection from outdoor elements.
  • Mice are not fussy eaters and human byproducts provide these tiny rodents generous meals. Humans leave behind bits of grain, nuts, fruits, roots, seeds, meat, cereal, and more.
  • Homes with central heating give these rodents safe and warm nesting locations to spend the cold winter months.

What Sorts of Problems Do Mice Cause?

Mice are highly destructive animals, second only to rats. House mice can cause damage that eclipses their size. House mice consume up to three grams of food each day, but because of their nibbling habits,  they contaminate much more food than that. House mice dig up newly planted crops, gnaw through containers of food in warehouses, and even soil packages of food with their waste.

House Mice Removal & Prevention Services

Brown House Mouse in Cape CodAlthough house mice are small, they are not particularly sneaky. It is quite easy to realize you have a mouse infestation soon after it has begun. As soon as you notice signs of a mouse infestation, it is important to contact Critter Control of Cape Cod. The trained technicians at Critter Control of Cape Cod have years of knowledge and experience under their belts to get and keep house mice off your property.

Some DIY methods for keeping mice out of your house and property include:

  • Making sure to maintain a clean home
  • Sealing up any cracks in building foundations
  • Eliminating clutter from your basement and/or attic
  • Keeping food stored in airtight containers
  • Removing debris from your yard 

We can help rid you of your mouse problem. Call our Cape Cod office today!

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House Mice
House mice tend to dwell near places of human activity. Some will spend their summer in fields but move indoors when the cold weather arrives.
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