Unfortunately, there's no fool-proof method of exclusion that guards against house mouse infestations. Property owners often have to employ multiple techniques to reduce the possibility of attracting the rodents. Some easily implemented and helpful activities include cleaning homes regularly, sealing cracks in building foundations, eliminating clutter in attics and basements, keeping food stored in airtight and rodent-proof containers, and removing collections of debris in yards.

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House mice aren't very sneaky, and infestations can be detected early. Once the first signs of activity appear, property owners should contact the professionals at Critter Control of Boulder to deal with the problem. Our trained technicians have the tools and extensive knowledge of house mouse behavior to quickly and safely remove infestations.


Some of the house mouse's favorite places to nest are in and around human homes and manmade structures. Mice will eat almost anything: cereal, grains, nuts, fruits, seeds, roots, meats and etc. Additionally, homes with central heating give these rodents warm nesting locations to gather during winter months.


House Mice destroy a baseboardThe second most destructive rodent after the rat, house mice almost always causes some kind of damage to property or people where infestations are present! These rodents consume about three grams of food each day, but destroy much more than that, due to their nibbling habits. House mice dig up freshly planted crops, gnaw straight through containers of food in warehouses, and even contaminate packages with their urine and droppings.

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House Mice
House Mice usually dwell near where human activities take place. Some will even spend their summer in fields and only move indoor when cool weather approaches.
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