Wildlife Management Programs in Cape Cod

Raccoons On Cape Cod Property, Rocks and Hollow TreeAt Critter Control of Cape Cod, we are the experts in wildlife management and removal. Some species of wildlife may require vastly different methods of removal than others, so our technicians make sure to use the proper techniques when removing the wildlife from your home. 

Wildlife management can be a difficult thing to attempt if you haven't had training and don't have a lot of experience. Luckily for you, we have both! Critter Control of Cape Cod knows that certain species of animals may require different removal methods than others, so our technicians will be sure to take the necessary steps to make sure they are cautious during the entire process.

The Critter Control Process:

  1. Identifying: It can be hard to even know where the problem is coming from! We have the tools and expertise to identify where the wildlife is in your home, how they got there, and how to fix the issue. 
  2. Trapping/Removal: It’s important to remove the wildlife in the most humane way possible. We have the tools to properly gather and transport the wildlife away from your home. We offer a variety of solutions to remove any of the animals inhabiting your Cape Cod home, including sustainable options like Critter Shield
  3. Damage Repair: Many times, the wildlife in your home will make quite a mess. After we properly remove the animals, we will come back and fix any damage that they caused. These repairs can include repairing ripped insulation, ripped wire, holes in walls or pipes, and cleaning up any fecal messes left behind. 
  4. PreventionPrevention is the easiest way to keep animals from damaging your home. We can evaluate your home for any entry points that may cause problems down the road and fix those for you. Common prevention repairs include the installation of vent screens, chimney caps, and soffit covers.

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