Cape Cod Wildlife Prevention Services

Vent Screening Installation on Cape Cod HomeNeed the best Wildlife Prevention service in the Cape Cod area? Critter Control of Cape Cod is here to help! Our professional team is trained to remove your wildlife nuisance animal and repair any damages made by the critter while blocking all possible entryways to prevent further incidents. Critter Control of Cape Cod's technicians are prepared to implement effective wildlife prevention techniques in habitat modification and exclusion.    

Adjustments to Environment

A common reason wildlife animals come onto your property in the first place is the bounty of resources—namely food and shelter. Wildlife is most commonly looking for shelter or food but can also be attracted to plants, ponds, birdbaths, pet food, etc. Our team of professionals will begin making changes to the environment by limiting the food sources, water supply, and blocking potential nesting areas around your home.

Removing brush piles or any other hiding spots will leave no reason for the animals to want to spend time on your property.

How We Address Animal Entry Points

The wildlife prevention experts at Critter Control will install several barriers, screens, and vent covers to ensure that all possible entrances to your home are properly blocked off and wildlife-proof. The areas we prevent animals from accessing include:

  • Chimneys
    • Capping your chimney is usually the easiest way to keep critters from crawling in. We will install the proper fitting cap with the proper mesh to keep bats, birds, and other buggers from finding this cozy entry point. 
  • Plumbing Vents
    • We will cover the ends of your pipes with wire mesh that critters can’t chew through. When we cover your entry and exit points, we will ensure that the drainage system in your home is not compromised. 
  • Roof & Fascia Spaces
    • Different methods of keeping your fascia critter-free include covering downspouts, using gutter guards, installing screening over large openings, and removing any unnecessary climbing opportunities. Critter Control has all the proper equipment to keep your roof and fascia critter-free!
  • Roof Vents
    • To close off your roof from critter entry, we will replace any missing or damaged shingles, install gutter guards around the perimeter, and install screening over large vents. 
  • Oven & Bathroom Exhaust Vents
    • Exhaust vents are essential to your household, but critters love to make nests in them as they are a cozy place to sleep. We can install covers over your vents to keep animals out while ensuring your vents continue to work as they should. 
  • Roof/Soffit Intersection
    • Your soffit vents are on the underside of your roof overhang. Squirrels and raccoons love to enter your home through soffits. We will install the proper covers to keep animals from crawling in. 
  • Holes in Siding
    • Animals can find their way inside through any holes in your siding, even the tiniest ones! Critter Control can patch those holes for you and keep the animals out. 
  • Porch & Deck
    • Burrowing animals love to make homes under your home’s structures! They are built to dig, which means they can move objects that are in their way with ease. At Critter Control we are experts at protecting your home. We will create a defense solution for your porch and deck areas to keep animals from crawling underneath. 
  • Trees & Landscaping
    • You work hard for your landscaping—don’t let critters ruin it! Rabbits, gophers, raccoons, and more love to find an afternoon snack in your yard. We will install prevention methods to keep your landscape looking as good as new. 

Wildlife Prevention with Critter Shield

At Critter Control of Cape Cod, we understand that different species of wildlife require different exclusion methods. We are proud to be moving towards a more sustainable method of wildlife and pest management, in which the goal is to properly manage species so both their habitat and population aren’t negatively impacted over time.

These new generation rodent baits and pesticide treatments are not only friendly to wildlife but also safe for aquatic life. The Critter Shield program is a monthly plan that requires the replacement of liquid contraceptives in hard plastic stations. You can expect to see a decline in rodent evidence as early as one month from the application date.

For more information on Critter Shield, click here, or give us a call!

Critter Control of Cape Cod is dedicated to resolving your wildlife control issues in an effective and humane manner. Call us today or contact us here!