Despite their somewhat unsettling appearance and their blood-sucking stereotype, bats are actually quite beneficial to the environment. They predominantly eat insects, which helps keep the insect population down. This doesn't mean you necessarily want bats around you and your family, though, as they can be carriers of lots of deadly diseases. If you're concerned that there are bats around your home, call Critter Control of Cape Cod today to schedule an inspection or describe your issue here and we will contact you!

Removing Bats in Cape Cod

Bat management services in Cape CodYou're here because you want to know how to get rid of bats. We can help! Bats can get into buildings through holes as small as 1/4 inch, so it's important to have a trained eye help you locate any possible entry points.

Incorporating prevention methods can help eliminate the presence of bats:

  • One-way vents
  • One of the biggest ways to discourage bats from coming to your property is prevention methods.
    • Sealing vents
    • Fixing cracks
    • Installing and/or fixing flashing
    • Screening
  • The only surefire way to keep bats out is to perform full exclusion—something a professional can help with.

Common Bat Problems

  • Bats tend to get into homes when they're looking for shelter.
  • They like to nest in attics, chimneys, and the walls. 
  • One of the biggest problems with bats in the home is the number of droppings they will accumulate in your attic, in your chimney, or in the walls.
  • Bat droppings will create a terrible stench and difficult stains. These droppings can be carrying many disease spores, like histoplasmosis.
  • Even though they have a bad reputation for carrying rabies, less than half a percent actually carry the disease.
  • In order to keep colonies of the creatures from roosting in attics, proper precautions should be taken to cover or seal all vents, holes, chimneys, windows, and gaps leading inside homes.

Full-Service Bat Removal

Critter Control of Cape Cod is trained to humanely remove any bat problems plaguing residential and commercial properties. Because bats are disease carriers, it's vital that humans (especially untrained) do not handle bats. These critters have a tendency to scratch and bite when they're threatened and humans are easy targets for injuries from bats.

Critter Control of Cape Cod can help control bat problems in your home. Call today!

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