Bobcats are mostly solitary animals that typically do not get into human homes. The main damage that bobcats cause is the killing of valuable livestock. Residents facing bobcat threats on their property can benefit from a call to Critter Control of Cape Cod! Call our Cape Cod office at 508.690.0076 or contact us HERE.

Removing Bobcats

Bobcat control in Cape CodExtremely territorial animals, bobcats typically only venture onto private property if residences appear within their native range. Additionally, yards featuring abundant prey, shelter and access to water attract the large cat.

  • Bobcats most likely will not enter homes unless they are confused or trapped involuntarily. Since they are particularly shy, bobcats will not attack unless cornered and usually run away instead of engaging with humans.
  • Bobcats were once believed to kill large amounts of livestock and hunted to near extermination in several areas, but usually only target animals in captivity, like small pets or chickens. Still, these attacks tend to occur when other food sources are not available or if bobcats have especially easy access to domesticated animals and livestock. Bobcats do not typically kill out of aggression.

Keep Bobcats Off Your Property

Cape Cod residents or business owners can employ some DIY exclusion methods to reduce the possibility of bobcats wandering into yards:

  • Putting up fences can be helpful, but bobcats are excellent jumpers and can easily scale a rather tall fence if they are motivated enough.
  • Keep pets and pet food inside the home or in secured, covered coops to discourage bobcat interaction.

*If a bobcat shows aggressive behavior with little prompting and seems ready to attack, it could have rabies or be protecting nearby young. Do not engage with the bobcat; call a wildlife professional as soon as possible.

Bobcat Trapping and Removal

Attempting to trap and remove bobcats without professional assistance can be dangerous. Contacting a trained wildlife professional ensures that both the people and animals involved remain safe. Critter Control specialists have the knowledge, tools, and experience to remove bobcats safely, humanely, and take measures to prevent them from returning.

We can help you get rid of bobcat problems.  Call Critter Control of Cape Cod today: 508.690.0076

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