Relatives of squirrels, chipmunks are small creatures capable of massive destruction. They often burrow into the ground for food storage and shelter, and their populations increase exponentially, so full removal can be difficult. Chipmunks are also notorious for getting into walls and attics and scampering around at all hours of the day and night. Both rural and urban areas are at risk of chipmunk invasion. Call Critter Control of Cape Cod today at 508.690.0076 to schedule an chipmunk inspection and our experts will assess the severity of your problem. You can also use our online form.


  • Chipmunk problems in Cape CodControlling chipmunk populations is of great importance because their numbers increase rapidly and they can cause severe building and foliage damage.
  • Chipmunk burrows are usually situated near small shrubs or manmade structures, which provide ample cover.
  • To reduce the possibility of chipmunk infestations, individuals should attempt to remove their favorite food sources from the immediate area, such as the seeds found in birdfeeders.

Chipmunk Problems

  • Chipmunks need things like shrubs and bushes, which provide them with cover, that aren't generally found inside, so their main damages occur outside.
  • Pet food also serves as a viable food option for hungry chipmunks and may lead them onto private property.
  • Foundations, patios, and sidewalks are at elevated risk during infestations.
  • The rodents are also known to steal bird eggs, which can negatively impact local bird populations.

Squirrel Trapping and Removal

When basic deterrents and prevention methods fail, Critter Control can step in to save the day. Simply waiting for chipmunks to leave is a mistake that only allows infestations to escalate. Be proactive and trust our trained technicians to eradicate the pests as quickly and safely as possible.

We can help you get rid of chipmunk problems. Call today: 508.690.0076.

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