Chipmunks, who are relatives of squirrels, are tiny critters that are capable of larger-than-life damage to homes and properties in the Cape Cod area. They tend to tunnel underground to find a place to store their food and shelter, but they sometimes make their way into human homes, causing issues particularly in the attic and walls. Chipmunk populations, much like the procreation of other rodents, grow exponentially, so it's difficult to fully remove the critters from homes. Call Critter Control of Cape Cod today at 508.690.0076 to schedule a chipmunk inspection and our experts will assess the severity of your problem. You can also use our online form.

Chipmunk Removal Services

  • Chipmunk control in Cape CodIt is pivotal that homeowners control chipmunk populations as the numbers can get out of hand quickly and lead to severe degradation of building integrity and foliage quality.
  • Chipmunks tend to create burrows near small shrubs or manmade structures, both of which provide sufficient cover.
  • In order to keep the chipmunk infestations at a minimum, homeowners can take steps to remove preferred food and water sources from the area, including birdfeeder seeds, pet bowls, and more.

Chipmunk Problems

  • Chipmunk removal becomes necessary when the critters are too close to your home for comfort.
  • Because they require cover from things like shrubs and bushes, they are often found outside, but that doesn't mean they aren't also found scratching around in walls and attics in the Cape Cod area.
  • Hungry chipmunks are drawn onto properties by pet food left outside.
  • Chipmunks leave behind feces and urine in attics and walls, causing odors and stains.
  • Patios, foundations, and sidewalks are all at serious risk during chipmunk infestations.

Professional Squirrel Removal Experts

When basic deterrents and homeowner-safe DIY prevention methods fail, Critter Control of Cape Cod can step in to save the day. Waiting for chipmunks to leave is a mistake that only allows infestations to get worse. Be proactive and trust our trained technicians to remove the chipmunks as efficiently and safely as possible.

We can help you get rid of chipmunk problems. Call today: 508.690.0076.

Our service area includes Falmouth, Eastham, Bourne, Yarmouth, Harwich, Barnstable, Sandwich and surrounding Cape Cod areas.

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