Foxes may resemble man's best friend but that's where the similarities end between domesticated dogs and foxes. Thousands and thousands of years have gone into taming dogs; careful selection of positive traits over and over again is why we are comfortable with allowing them into our lives. On the contrary, no time has or should go into trying to assimilate people and foxes. They are wild animals and thrive when kept separate from humans. We specialize in returning them to their natural habitat so that both fox and humans can live their best lives.Fox control in Cape Cod

If you have any concerns about the presence of foxes in your area, please call Critter Control of Cape Cod at 508.690.0076 or leave us your information on our online form here!

Are Foxes Dangerous?

The average fox is terrified of humans. However, this changes when there is a food source exposed to them and they learn to to abandon their instincts or if the fox has been infected with rabies. Although they may not usually be a direct danger to humans, there are some cases where removing them from your area is vital. 

When to take action: 

  • Foxes are notorious for killing small farm animals, especially chickens. If you notice a fox lurking around your vulnerable livestock, it is time to call Critter Control. 
  • A fox will not discriminate against your furry friends. There have been cases where they've attacked small dogs and cats. If you are worried about letting your pets outside, you should inquire with our expert staff.
  • Foxes can carry rabies, which can be transmitted to other animals or humans when bitten. Rabies can be fatal without vaccines. 

Full-Service Fox Removal

Despite their cute appearances and playful behaviors, foxes will bite when they are cornered! Because of this, people should never approach these wild animals. Critter Control of Cape Cod's team of specialists has extensive knowledge of pest removal and the experience to safely navigate removal. We can help you get rid of fox problems for good! Call our Cape Cod office today at 508.690.0076

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