These canine relatives possess an incredibly charming appearance, but they are not as gentle as they look. They have a penchant for mauling livestock and causing damage to property. Foxes can be seen globally, but the most common fox species in the northern hemisphere is the red fox. These creatures are mostly nocturnal so it's fairly uncommon to see them in the daytime. If you see a fox out in the daytime, please call us at 508.690.0076 or leave us your information on our online form and we will get in contact with you.


  • Fox issues in Cape CodThe most effective solution is to erect fences and eliminate potential food sources. However, these practices can be costly and do not always work.
  • Usually, red foxes are attracted to private property by available food sources. Foxes are omnivores and are prone to scavenging in trash bins. Removing food sources will discourage foxes from spending time near your home, though.

Fox Problems 

  • Foxes are known for killing entire populations of chickens and other livestock.
  • These predators will usually kill more livestock than necessary for storage for later consumption.
  • Because rabies is so common in fox populations, extreme precautions should be taken when an animal behaves erratically and aggressively.

Full-Service Fox Removal

Despite their cute appearances and playful behaviors, foxes will bite when they are cornered! Because of this, people should never approach these wild animals. Critter Control of Cape Cod specialists have extensive knowledge of pest removal and the experience to safely navigate removal. Our trained technicians make sure eradication is humane. We can help you get rid of fox problems! Call our Cape Cod office today! 508.690.0076.

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