Osprey Removal Services in Cape Cod

The Osprey, also known as the fish hawk, is a large, fish-eating raptor. Ospreys are well adapted for fishing. They have long legs and large feet equipped with barbs, long talons, and a reversible toe that allows the bird to easily grasp fish. Their curved beaks are perfect for hunting prey. They have an oily coat to make them waterproof and are able to close their nostrils when they plunge into the water. The osprey has very strong wings to enable them to come out of the water even with a heavy fish. Ospreys are brown on top with white on the bottom, yellow eyes and white heads with a black stripe that sets them apart from eagles. Due to their diet preference, ospreys are generally found nesting near water.

Damages Caused by Osprey

Ospreys generally leave humans alone. They become a problem when they nest on top of chimneys if they are not capped. There are laws and regulations that keep these nests protected if an egg or young is present. Critter Control of Cape Cod is aware of laws and regulations and implements wildlife control within them.

Control Services

Critter Control of Cape Cod will remove the nest once all species of animals are gone. Once the nest is removed, your technician will get repair damages, clean up messes, and prevent future Osprey problems. Chimney caps will remove the possibility of osprey's nesting on your chimney again.

Upon arrival your Critter Control of Cape Cod technician will be able to identify rather you have an osprey nesting on your chimney or not.

If you think you have an osprey nesting on your chimney, call the professionals at 508.690.0076.

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Ospreys nest near bodies of water due to their diet, and prefer high posts. Residents have found ospreys nesting on their chimney. Call Critter Control of Cape Cod for osprey control!
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