Raccoons are one of our most common calls.  If you're hearing a scratching or shuffling noise above you, there's a possibility you have a raccoon in your home. It is important to contact a professional to solve your critter problems before things get out of hand! Contact us today at 508.690.0076 or contact us HERE to schedule your inspection!

Raccoon Removal​
Raccoon on a log


Male and female get into houses for different reasons. The males don't usually come into human areas, but will if they can't find any food. Females, on the other hand, often enter attics, chimneys, and crawl spaces when they are pregnant with young and wish to provide shelter to their coming offspring. Since their hands are structured in such a way that allows them to grasp objects, they have been known to open doors and gain access to secured goods like stored pet food. We will seal up any possible entries to prevent future problems. 

Control and Safety

Because encouraging raccoons to eat food/trash on your property can increase the likelihood of them eventually invading your home, property owners should employ simple methods of control, like securing trash bins lids. They normally flee upon approach, but rabid individuals display fearlessness regarding humans. Infected animals may also foam at the mouth and move about erratically while baring their teeth. However, not all infected individuals act strangely, so people must always use extreme caution around the animals. The easiest way to stay completely safe from a sick animal is to enlist the help of certified professional removal teams.

Trapping and Removal

Critter Control specialists are experts at raccoon removal. Using the most advanced technologies and tools, our teams quell any animal problems plaguing your home. Once the critter is removed from the area we will clean up, secure potential entryways, and make they don't come back.

We can help you get rid of raccoon problems.  Call today: 508.690.0076

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