Snakes are a concerning foe to discover on your property—or worse—in your home. Many snakes are not poisonous and do not show aggression to humans unless intimidated, but there are many dangerous snakes so you should proceed with caution if you realize you have a snake problem. Luckily, the number of poisonous snakes in the Cape Cod area is minimal, but you still don't want them on your property. DIY snake removal is not something we recommend; contact the experts at Critter Control of Cape Cod today!

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Venomous snakes put not only you, the homeowner, at risk, but also the safety of your pets. Please be cautious of any snake you come across. Some common species of snakes in the Cape Cod area include:

  • Eastern hognose snake: As its name suggests, the hognose snake has a unique pig-like nose and its diet consists primarily of amphibians like toads. The Eastern hognose, although it has an intimidating defense, is not dangerous to humans. The hognose snake prefers sandy areas.
  • Ring-necked snake: Likely Cape Cod's most common snake, the ring-necked snake also poses no poisonous threat to humans, as it feeds mostly on amphibians as well. They are often found in woodland areas. These solitary snakes sometimes make their way into buildings.

Common Snake Complaints

Snakes will usually get into homes when their natural habitat's resources are not sufficient; food, water and shelter are all appealing reasons for snakes to get inside Cape Cod homes. Baby snakes will also sometimes get into homes' foundations by accident.

Professional Snake Control & Safety

Various methods of exclusion help reduce the possibility of encountering snakes in residential zones.

  • Seal any holes on the exterior of buildings large enough for snakes to get through.
  • Cut back tall grasses and weeds and keep wood piles far enough away from homes to eliminate hiding places.
  • In addition, property owners can make modifications to eliminate prey species that attract snakes to the area.

Snake Trapping & Removal

Critter Control wildlife specialists can safely and humanely remove problematic snakes from properties. Our professionals are trained, equipped, and ready to keep members of the public safe by eliminating pestilential snakes.We can help you get rid of snake problems. Call today: 508.690.0076

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Snakes in your home, garden or rock piles? Those slithering serpents are probably harmless. Critter Control can help you deal with snakes in a humane and rational way. If you see a snake and are concerned, call Critter Control at (508) 690-0076 and our trained technicians can oftentimes catch the snake if it is still there.
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