Unfortunately, several areas of your Cape Cod area home will be encouraging to animals in their search for a cozy nest. This includes your roof. Common animals like raccoons, squirrels, rodents, and birds are all frequent visitors to your roofline and are very skilled climbers and/or fliers, which can present a challenge. The professionals at Critter Control of Cape Cod can assist in keeping wildlife off your roofline—and out of your home! Call us today!


Wildlife Prevention with Roof and Attic Vents

Soffit repair in Cape CodVents in your soffit, attic, louvre, and fans are essential to keeping the air flowing properly in your home and keeping things working correctly. However, these vents are an easy spot for wildlife to enter your home.

You may have screens over these vents already, but if they’re damaged or missing, we can fix them. Many animals like mice can fit through a hole the size of a dime! This leaves ample opportunity for critters to sneak in through small tears or holes in your screens.

Let us help prevent unwanted wildlife from invading our home by installing animal-proof screens in/over existing vents. We are experts at finding the vents that keep the air flow working in your home, while being durable and keeping birdsbats, racoons, or squirrels from entering your home and causing damage. 

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Attic Fan Vent GuardsInstalling roof vent guard in Cape Cod

Attic fan vent guards do more than simply help keep your attic well-ventilated; they also act as wildlife control. If installed properly, an attic fan vent guard will discourage animals like squirrels from getting into your attic. Squirrels are strong chewers and can easily get through wood and vinyl materials on your home, but did you know squirrels are able to chew through softer metals like aluminum and copper? It's important to install a sturdy vent guard that will be squirrel-proof (and other wildlife-proof).

Roof Vent Guards

The most frequent species that are problematic in the Cape Cod area—such as birds, mice, and squirrels—will try to get into your home through damaged roof vents. If you do not protect the roof vents with heavy-duty steel guards, the clever and determined critters can easily get in, and in many cases, die—which leads to awful Soffit repair in Cape Cod homeodors and the need for carcass removal. Keep animals (whether alive or dead) out of your vents by securing your roof vents with strong and long-lasting metal materials like stainless steel hardware cloth.

Gable Vent Closures

Another facet of your roof that can encourage unauthorized wildlife entry is your gable vents. This area of your roof helps ventilate your attic and maintain proper airflow. Gable vent closures are another important consideration in wildlife-proofing your Cape Cod home. Birds and bats are small and mobile enough to get into attics through gable vents, so properly maintaining and securing your gable vents is a good investment and a good way to save you a headache in the future.

Repairing Soffit Vents

Underneath your roofline (your soffit) is an easy way for curious creatures to get into your home, even more so if your soffit has been damaged from prior animal entry or perhaps natural degradation due to time and exposure to elements. Once again, a common soffit intruder is the squirrel. They're often responsible for soffit damage, which may include damage to your gutters and torn shingles. Make sure you keep animals out of your Cape Cod home by calling in the professionals at Critter Control of Cape Cod to repair your soffit vents and secure your roof against wildlife visitors.

Keep Animals Off Your Roof

Critter Control of Cape Cod can help you keep your roof and the rest of your home safe from animals. Check out our other home services, including foundation vent services and deck cleaning.