Professional Skunk Trapping in Cape Cod

Two Skunks in Skunk Den in Cape Cod YardSkunks have a reputation for a reason; they're a stinky critter that you shouldn't mess with. When approaching a skunk it is good to remember to be extremely cautious. Skunks have the capability of spraying over 3 yards away, and their spray not only has an unbearable odor, but it also can irritate your skin, and cause blindness (usually temporarily). This smell can linger for weeks, especially on your pet.  

Signs of A Skunk on Your Property

  • You're more likely to smell a skunk than to see one. 

  • If your flowerbed, garden, or lawn has a lot of small holes in it, this could be a sign of a skunk looking for a meal.   

  • Droppings similar in size to a cat's with undigested insects, seeds, berries, etc.

  • Paw prints relevant in size to a skunk with 5 toes and small claw marks.

  • Skunk odor coming from sheds, decks, porches, woodpiles, etc.                                                              

Humane Skunk Removal

Instead of going through the hassle and headaches of trying to remove them, just give us a call today! Critter Control of Cape Cod is a full-service wildlife control service provider. We specialize in a wide range of wildlife animals including skunks. We offer skunk trapping, removal, and infestation prevention services. 

If you have any questions regarding skunks, please give us a quick call. We have all the solutions you need to keep skunks off your property and away from your family and pets. Call 508.690.0076 today or Contact Us online!