Wildlife Prevention with Foundation Vents

At Critter Control of Cape Cod, we are the experts at wildlife prevention for your home. Each area of your home presents its own challenges for wildlife prevention, but we are here to take care of those! After we remove the unwanted wildlife from your home, we repair any damage they may have cFoundation vent repair in Cape Codaused and implement prevention techniques. Screening foundation vents, installing chimney caps and screens, and closing entry holes reduce the opportunity for future conflicts with other potential nuisance wildlife.

There are many issues with foundation vents that can cause your home to be susceptible to animal issues. Problems include a poor fit against the siding, poor installation, or just a poor-quality vent. We will install a vent that finds a balance between allowing your foundation vent to circulate air and being strong enough to keep critters away. 

You may be wondering why animals love your basement. In the wild, animals like racoons, mice, and opossums like to be covered by trees, pipes, or anything that feels safe to them. Your basement or crawlspace is another excellent option for them!

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